Piquant instructions for the bodybuilder

  • 120 х 100 сm, oil on canvas

    The Lyudmila Bereznitskaya and Petr Bagriy collection


Participation in exhibitions:


«Ukrainian New Wave» / National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine




Contemporary painting of Odessa (1990)

Publishing house: Intursalon. Red Square Gallery (Odessa, Ukraine)

Languages: Russian, English

Work: p. 17

From the catalog text:

«…Vasiliy Ryabchenko, perhaps the most artistic artist of the group, steadily focuses on Russian modernity of the turn of the XIX – XX centuries. In the creativity of all group members, the game element is noticeable, but Ryabchenko “plays” more easily and gracefully than other do. At the same time, in his works the view of the world is certainly more realistic than of his comrades»

Mikhail Rashkovetsky, art critic


Ukrainian New Wave (2009)

Publisher: National Art Museum of Ukraine (Kiev, Ukraine)

Languages: Ukrainian, English

Work: p. 168